About Us

We are Danielle and Dominique Best the owners of ZNA|Made For Greatness also referred to simply as ZNA. ZNA is named after our children, Zion and Amerie.

ZNA is a Premium Athleisurewear line that vows to have something for everyone in the family. Our line is designed for those who want comfort and convenience without compromising their fashionable style.

As two new moms and former collegiate track athletes we are always looking to cut down the time spent preparing for our daily activities and get maximum usage out of the products we use.

"As a former model and athlete, comfort and Fashion has always been a top priority. Now working from home along with having a rowdy one year old it was always hard for me trying to find a good balance. I found myself opting out of doing things because it felt like a hassle getting myself and Zion ready. When I use to compete I lived by the mantra “look good feel good play good” because when you look good, you feel good about yourself and the things you’re doing, which means you’re putting great things into the world. Ultimately this leads to the world repaying you by allowing you to “play good” and you can take that literally or figuratively but I truly believe that is the process. So with ZNA this is our way of translating that to everyday life."- Dominique

"Working full-time, balancing two businesses, being a track and field coach, taking care of Amerie and being a wife. I wanted something that was for someone who does a little bit of everything. To me ZNA is a clothing line that is effortless but yet fashionable. Being a busy mom that wears multiple hats that is exactly what I strive for when shopping for clothes for my family. I need something that is versatile. I love clothing that is sporty, funky, comfortable and has real integrity."- Danielle

With ZNA our goal is to provide fashionable, yet comfortable items to everyone in the family. ZNA|Made For Greatness isn’t just a children’s brand or “Mommy and Me” brand outside of the products we sell we want to encourage our ZNA Family to embrace the everyday journey of finding the Greatest version of themselves.